An established and successful floral delivery Network, based on service, quality and operating efficiency.
Faxiflora is a floral transmission leader in Italy and also in the World. Founded in 1990 it has over 3,000 officially registered retail florists, covering the entire Italian territory.   These florists are capable of providing professional, competent and quality service in the handling and delivery of floral gift-orders. The Central offices are based in the heart of Cuneo, a city located in North-Western Italy.
Faxiflora is also a full Member of the Teleflor International Network, with its over 80,000 retail florists in all major countries of the World.   They handle all the Network's international orders directly, without intermediaries.
Faxiflora assures absolute transparency of the customer's orders and costs and guarantees quality as well as timely delivery.   It operates state-of-the-art technologies to provide real-time handling of all information relating to the order data.
Faxiflora's Order Department is staffed by courteous, competent and qualified full-time personnel.
"Flowers will go anywhere..…Faxiflora will stay with you"

Gruppo Internazionale TF srl

0039 0171-694004 (during office hours)
0039 800-618667  (free number)



To order is very easy.   Just fill out the Order Form with all required information (yours, the recipient's and the desired floral gift).   If you wish a "special" floral gift we suggest to list also a second one. Seasonal flowers are properly identified on the product description.
Special or unusual requests have to be priced.   Just send us an email info@faxiflora.it or call us during office hours at 0039 0171 694004.   When calling please have handy the delivery address + city and the desired floral gift.
Orders for cruise ships, tourist villages, hospitals, hotels, resting homes or funeral parlors/cemeteries MUST also contain proper reference information and a valid telephone number.   In case one of these orders is undeliverable, we will contact immediately the sending customer through our associated florist.
The requested time of delivery of orders for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Women's Day or Mother's Day may be slightly changed if Holiday circumstances make it necessary. If the specified flowers are not available, the filling florist may substitute them with flowers similar in kind and equal in value.
If the recipient's delivery information (or telephone number) is wrong or incomplete, eventual costs deriving from "non delivery" of the order will be charged to the sending customer. A properly delivered floral-gift, but "refused by the recipient", will be considered as a completed delivery.
Flower-gifts will be delivered in Italy usually the same day.   Internationally generally the next day (depending on the time zone).
The prices posted on our online-Catalog include the floral-gift, Euro 6.00 delivery costs in Italy: additional Euro 15.00 for international orders (in this case prices are subject to increases if required by the foreign organization) and Euro 3.00 handling charges.
The Catalog illustrations are indicative and the delivered floral-gift may differ slightly depending on local market flower availability.
Indicated Catalog prices are for a "basic value". A higher value spent for any floral-design will be respected by adding more flowers to make up the difference in price.
Faxiflora will never know your Credit Card data.   To guarantee the highest level of security, at the time of payment you will be automatically directed to the server of BANCA SELLA (or PayPal) where your card data will be acquired through a HTTPS connection, protected by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, with a decoding level of at least 128bits



Customer’s service-time table:
Mon-Fri:     from 8.30  to 13.00  -  from  14.30  to 18.30
Sat a.m.:    from 8.30  to 12.30

Service guarantees
Faxiflora guarantees delivery of floral-gifts in compliance with the customer's wishes and compatible with the delivering florists' official opening hours and the weekly closing day.
Whenever necessary, Faxiflora will contact the sender to agree on a different delivery time or day.
While deliveries on Sundays and official Holidays are excluded, delivery on these occasions is guaranteed:
- Valentine's Day
- Mother's Day
- Women's Day


Faxiflora's main concern is to protect your privacy.
Faxiflora assures that your private data will not be given to third parties or unauthorized persons.
Faxiflora will always treat your private data in accordance with the Italian Private Data Processing Law (D.Lgs. 196/2003 and updates).
Your private data will be stored in the Customer Data Bank and will not be used for commercial information uses unless you give your formal consent.
A customer can ask at any time to have his/her private data cancelled from the Customer Data Bank simply by sending an email to info@faxiflora.it with the wording: PLEASE CANCEL MY DATA FROM THE CUSTOMER DATA BANK


Faxiflora - Gruppo Internazionale TF srl
Operational and Legal Domicile is:
Piazza Galimberti 11
12100 CUNEO, Italy
Registered under Nr. 162815 of the Cuneo Companies Registry
VAT number 01124050046
Share Capital - Euro 102,774.00
Founded in 1990, it is operated by a qualified full-time staff assisting the over 3,000 associated Italian retail florists. All orders are handled directly through these associated florists without go-betweens and in full respect of order value.
Faxiflora is a voting Member of the Teleflor International Network.
COPYRIGHT Faxiflora 2010 - all rights reserved
The Inernet site is owned by Gruppo Internazionale TF srl, the Company which manages and updates its contents


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