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Bouquet bianco rosso
Bouquet white and red shades STARTING FROM 47€
Bouquet di roselline rosse
Red roses bouquet and waxflowers STARTING FROM 48€
Bouquet colori rosa viola
Bouquet pink and purple shades STARTING FROM 44€
12 rose rosse gambo medio
12 red roses bouquet STARTING FROM 51€
Nove rose rosse gambo medio lungo
9 red roses STARTING FROM 46€
Sette rose rosse
7 red roses STARTING FROM 42€
Bouquet di rose rosse e waxflowers
Compact bouquet of red roses STARTING FROM 54€
Centrotavola di rose rosa e rosse screziate
Pink and red roses centerpiece arrangement STARTING FROM 45€
Pianta di Phalenopsis fucsia
Hot pink Phalenopsis orchid plant STARTING FROM 39€
Pianta di Phalenopsis bianca
White Phalenopsis orchid plant with 3 branches STARTING FROM 51€
Bouquet gigli bianchi rose rosse
Red roses and white lilies bouquet STARTING FROM 47€
Tre rose rosse
3 red roses STARTING FROM 26€
Bouquet compatto di rose rosse e rosa
Bouquet of red and pink roses STARTING FROM 48€
Bouquet rose bianche e rosse
Bouquet of roses white and red color STARTING FROM 53€
Bouquet di girasoli e camomilla
Radiant bouquet in yellow shades STARTING FROM 31€
Bouquet rosa di gerbere lisianthus rose
Soft Bouquet of flowers in pink shades STARTING FROM 33€
Bouquet roselline pesca santini bianchi
Passional bouquet of flowers pastel shades STARTING FROM 38€
Bouquet rosellie rosa santini verdi bianchi statice viola
Delicate bouquet in pink and green shades STARTING FROM 32€
Bouquet gerbere rosse lisianthus rosa garofani fucsia
Vibrant bouquet in red and fuchsia shades STARTING FROM 33€
Bouquet gerbere rosa garofani fucsia rose rosse
Cheerful bouquet in fuchsia pink and red shades STARTING FROM 39€
Bouquet viola lilla con lisianthus eryngium garofani
Fragrant bouquet in fuchsia purple and pink shades STARTING FROM 34€
Bouquet rosso di gerbere rose tulipani
Flamingo bouquet of Red flower STARTING FROM 37€
Flower box rosso di fiori bianchi e rossi
Romantic flower box of white and red flowers STARTING FROM 64€
Flower box nera di fiori rossi fucsia rosa
Special flower box with purple and pink flowers STARTING FROM 67€
Flower box rosa di fiori rosa fuxia viola
Lively flower box of purple fuchsia and pink flowers STARTING FROM 64€

amore Send flowers for love with Faxiflora! This colour, intense and vibrant,in fact it has always been associated with passion, eros and all thosefeelings that make us beat fasterthe heart. Remaining on this shade, they exist howeverother flowers we can choose ifwe prefer to deviate from tradition. A valid alternative is the red tulip, which it also represents passionate love and unconditional. According to an ancient legend oriental that we talked about in this article, the red tulip was in fact born from spilled blood from a lover who thought he had lost his own partner. A third option is the Scarlet Pimpernel, which comes associated with the youth and freshness of the former Love. If instead we look for softer colors, we can choose pink and white, which they perfectly represent the sweetest meaning and pure of the feeling of love. In these nuances, i more suitable flowers are the carnation, which exists in both chromatic versions, and jasmine, white, very fragrant and always very welcome.