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Bouquet of pink and white roses Give a bouquet of pink roses STARTING FROM 47€ Bouquet di fiori rosa []]] Rosa rosa macro ][]] Bouquet rose e roselline rosa ]][] Close up su roselline rosa ]]][ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
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Bouquet of pink and white roses Give a bouquet of pink roses STARTING FROM 47 This delightful and romantic bouquet is suitable for any type of woman, girl and even little girl. It is a delicate bouquet made with branched roses and roses in light pink and cream shades.
Choose the size:
In the standard composition there are approximately 7 stems
In the premium composition there are approximately 12 stems
In the exclusive composition there are approximately 18 stems
The photo represents the Premium size
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Remember that each florist has their own personal touch and that each flower is unique, in color and size: for this reason the aesthetics of the bouquet may vary from what you see in the photo. Predominant colors:
Pink ^
Care tips:
- Place the bouquet in a vase away from direct heat and light sources
- Change the water frequently and add flower food
- Remove the leaves in contact with the water and prune the stems at the base by cutting them diagonally

Delicate fragrance

Perfect in any environment
If you follow our advice, the flowers will stay fresh for 10 days or even more! ^
Roses are available all year round ^
Receiving pink roses means being admired and appreciated for your empathy, friendship and loyalty, the combination with white roses makes this bouquet the ideal gift to express tenderness and the sweetness of a feeling ^
Massimo Really impeccable service This is the second time I have used this site and I can confirm that the service is really serious and punctual. The first time I sent roses on Valentine's Day by placing the order several days in advance and everything went well. Today, however, I had forgotten Women's Day and feared 'consequences'.... I placed the order on the site at nine o'clock (incidentally using the discount voucher I received with the previous order) and in less than an hour they had delivered!
Castellino Claudia Service used for the first time I used this service for the first time for a friend's birthday. The flowers were delivered on time with the desired surprise effect! :-)
Cottone Angela I recommendI have been using Faxiflora for two years. Living in Los Angeles, this is a very handy, professional, good quality and most of all inexpensive site. I highly recommend it to everyone.
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