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Sunflowers and red shades bouquet Bouquet of sunflowers and red roses with chamomile tea STARTING FROM 39€ Bouquet di girasoli e rose rosse con camomilla []]] Bouquet di girasoli e rose rosse con camomilla close up ][]] Bouquet di girasoli e rose rosse con camomilla macro ]][] Bouquet di girasoli e rose rosse con camomilla in vaso ]]][ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
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Sunflowers and red shades bouquet Bouquet of sunflowers and red roses with chamomile tea STARTING FROM 39 One of the most beloved and chosen combinations by our customers: sunflowers and red roses, enriched with chamomile remains one of the most sent gifts, suitable for a declaration of love or a graduation, a bouquet that is sure to bring a smile.
Choose the size:
In the standard composition there are approximately 7 stems
In the premium composition there are approximately 11 stems
In the exclusive composition there are approximately 16 stems
The photo represents the Premium size
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Remember that each florist has his or her own personal touch and that each flower is unique in color and size; therefore, the aesthetics of the bouquet may vary from what you see in the photo. Predominant colors:
Yellow ^
Care tips:
- Store the bouquet in a vase away from direct sources of heat and light
- Change the water frequently and add flower nutrients
- Remove the leaves in contact with water and place the stems at the base by cutting them diagonally

Long duration

Perfect in any environment
If you follow our advice, the flowers will stay fresh for 10 days or more! ^
Roses are available year-round; sunflowers are available in Spring through late Fall. ^
The red rose symbolizes love and passion, sunflowers represent perseverance and life, and chamomile stands for tranquility and calmness. A bouquet that can have many meanings and convey many emotions, choose yours! ^
Celozzi Vincenzo I recommendI used Faxiflora service for the first time, it is great! From payment to delivery took just over an hour. The site has a wide selection of floral arrangements and plants and the prices are reasonable. Should I need it in the future, I would definitely use Faxiflora again.
Idol Billy I recommendFully satisfied, it was my first time using faxiflora and I must say that the bouquet I received, despite not being fully in the predetermined colors, was a success. Bravo also for meeting the requested delivery requirements. I will be back!
Andrea Excellent! I chose Faxiflora after wandering around many florist sites online. The product delivered reflects (and indeed exceeds) both the photo and the price paid. The florist (North Milan area) called me before delivery to check the time of delivery (I had indicated in the notes: afternoon delivery by 4pm and I was called at about 12pm). So: excellent service, in my experience excellent choice of local florists. Attached to the order confirmation email is a 10% discount voucher on the next order. Definitely to be recommended
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