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Flower box of pink flowers Aqua green flower box with gerberas, roses and statice in shades of light pink and lilac STARTING FROM 64€ Flower box verde acqua di fiori rosa []]] Flower box verde acqua di fiori rosa macro ][]] Flower box verde acqua di fiori rosa con coperchio ]][] Flower box verde acqua di fiori rosa in mano ]]][ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
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Flower box of pink flowers Aqua green flower box with gerberas, roses and statice in shades of light pink and lilac STARTING FROM 64 What better gift than our romantic flowerbox? Versatile and refined composed of pink gerberas, roses in different shades of pink and lilac statice is the most chosen arrangement for Mother's Day, for a birth or even for a friend
Choose the size:
In the standard composition there are approximately 15 stems
In the premium there are approximately 20 stems
In the exclusive there are approximately 27 stems
The box is included in the price. The photo represents the Premium size
64Add to cart Shipping to Italy 8€ - World 20€

Remember that each florist has his or her own personal touch and that each flower is unique in color and size; therefore, the aesthetics of the flowerbox may vary from what you see in the photo. Predominant colors:
Pink ^
Care tips:
- Store the flowerbox away from direct sources of heat and light
- Make sure the sponge inside the box is always damp
- Be careful not to get the box wet; it is made of cardboard and could be damaged
- Recycle planter

Long duration

Perfect in any environment
If you follow our advice, the flowers will stay fresh for 15 days or more! ^
Roses and gerberas are available year-round. ^
Pink gerberas represent maternal love, sincere admiration and youth, the pink rose friendship. This flowerbox is designed for a delicate gift meant to bring sweetness and be a gesture of affection. Ideal for many occasions. ^
Condemi Francesco surprise ruined by a phone call....pity about the phone call that revealed the future delivery... very nice bunch of flowers, beyond expectations, but being a surprise, you can't call to say you're coming with flowers...
Castellino Claudia Service used for the first time I used this service for the first time for a friend's birthday. The flowers were delivered on time with the desired surprise effect! :-)
Marco Ceccarelli Greatly satisfiedThe arrangement was quite faithful to what I had asked for, in fact: the florist, respecting my colour choice, made it even more beautiful. Surprised in a positive way especially by the quantity of flowers although I had ordered a small version. Prompt delivery.
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Hand-crafted arrangements created by our florists Same-day flower delivery,
in Italy and around the world
We have been promoting Italian floral art since 1991 We also deliver large bouquets and plants to your home!

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on your first order!
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