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Ficus Benjamin plant Ficus Benjamin evergreen plant STARTING FROM 47€ Pianta di Ficus Benjamin Variegato []]] Pianta di Ficus Benjamin Variegato in vaso blu ][]] Pianta di Ficus Benjamin Variegato in vaso nero ]][] Pianta di Ficus Benjamin Variegato in vaso bianco ]]][ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
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Ficus Benjamin plant Ficus Benjamin evergreen plant STARTING FROM 47 The Ficus Benjamin is a green indoor plant which, with time and with the right care, can reach large dimensions (even 2 metres). Much loved and popular, appreciated for its elegant leaves and ease of care and maintenance.
Choose the size:
- The Ficus Benjamin plant is a green indoor plant
- The photo represents the Premium size - Vase Diameter 17 -
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Remember that each florist has their own personal touch and that each plant is fresh, unique, in color and size: for this reason the aesthetics of the plant may vary from what you see in the photo.
100% natural product.
Predominant colors:
Green ^
Care tips:
- Place the plant in a bright place but not in full sun
- Water the Ficus when the soil is dry to the touch, avoid over-watering
- Use a damp cotton cloth to remove dust from the leaves

Easy to care for

Long duration
The Ficus is a beautiful and easy to grow houseplant, if you follow our advice it will live for years ^
Ficus Benjamin is a green plant available all year round from our florists ^
The Ficus Benjamin is considered a sacred plant for the Buddhist religion, in oriental culture it is a symbol of welcome, gratitude and respect. In the West it symbolizes hope, growth and vitality. ^
Condemi Francesco surprise ruined by a phone call....pity about the phone call that revealed the future delivery... very nice bunch of flowers, beyond expectations, but being a surprise, you can't call to say you're coming with flowers...
Idol Billy I recommendFully satisfied, it was my first time using faxiflora and I must say that the bouquet I received, despite not being fully in the predetermined colors, was a success. Bravo also for meeting the requested delivery requirements. I will be back!
Fanari Susanna I recommendFaxiflora an excellence kindest organized and always available I have had the opportunity to send flowers many times and each time they arrived on time and always beautiful packages I am very happy and will continue to call them whenever I need them:-) I gave 5stars but for me it should be 100
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