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White Phalenopsis orchid plant with 3 branches White phalenopsis orchid plant with 3 branches STARTING FROM 51€ Pianta di Phalenopsis bianca []]] Pianta di Phalenopsis bianca macro ][]] Pianta di Phalenopsis bianca in vaso bianco ]][] Pianta di Phalenopsis bianca in vaso verde ]]][ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
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White Phalenopsis orchid plant with 3 branches White phalenopsis orchid plant with 3 branches STARTING FROM 51 Let yourself be won over by the beauty and elegance of the 3-stemmed white phalenopsis orchid, a gift that is suitable for many occasions, atypical and captivating in its 3-stemmed version, it will illuminate the room in which it will be placed.
Choose the size:
- White phalenopsis orchid plant with 3 stems
- The photo represents the Premium size - Vase Diameter 12
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Remember that each florist has their own personal touch and that each plant is fresh, unique, in color and size: for this reason the aesthetics of the plant may vary from what you see in the photo.
100% natural product.
Predominant colors:
White ^
Care tips:
- Store the plant away from direct heat and light sources
- Water the orchid every 10/15 days, immerse the orchid for a few hours, check that the soil is dry between one watering and another
- Temperature between 18 and 24°

Easy to care for

Perfect in any environment
- It is a beautiful houseplant and easy to maintain, if you follow our advice
- It is easy to store, even for the less experienced
The Phalaenopsis orchid is a flowering plant available all year round ^
White color symbolizes noble and sincere feelings. The white orchid represents pure, innocent and clean love, which is why it is chosen for a wedding, anniversary, confirmation, communion or even baptism gift. ^
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