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Coffe Arabica plant Tropical arabica coffee plant STARTING FROM 28€ Pianta di caffe arabica []] Pianta di caffe arabica macro ][] Pianta di caffe arabica con tazzina ]][ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
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Coffe Arabica plant Tropical arabica coffee plant STARTING FROM 28 Coffea Arabica, originally from Ethiopia, is a decorative indoor plant that does not require special care, it will purify the air in your home and allow you to have a corner of greenery, it will be delivered with its personalized pot.
Choose the size:
- Arabica coffee plant for apartment in decorative pot - The photo represents the Premium size - Vase Diameter 12 - 28Add to cart Shipping to Italy 8€ - World 20€

Remember, each florist has their own personal touch, each plant is unique in color and size: for this reason the aesthetics of the plant may vary from what you see in the photo. Predominant colors:
Green ^
Care tips:
- Place in a bright area, away from direct sun - Ideal temperature between 18 and 20°C
- Water regularly, never let the soil dry out completely, the Arabica coffee plant loves humidity.

Easy to care for

Long duration
- The Arabica coffee plant can live for years if cared for correctly and repotted in a pot slightly larger than the previous one, the roots must be crushed inside the pot. ^
Coffe Plant is available from our florists all year round. ^
In the language of flowers, the coffee plant symbolizes energy and vitality, wealth and prosperity. The coffee plant is appreciated for its positive meaning and for those who have little space at home but don't want to give up a corner of greenery. ^
Idol Billy I recommendFully satisfied, it was my first time using faxiflora and I must say that the bouquet I received, despite not being fully in the predetermined colors, was a success. Bravo also for meeting the requested delivery requirements. I will be back!
Avellini Luca Great service and quality flowersI have used the service twice so far and I must say that I am very satisfied. The quality of the flowers is excellent, the delivery on time, and the communication with customer service is impeccable.
Andrea Excellent! I chose Faxiflora after wandering around many florist sites online. The product delivered reflects (and indeed exceeds) both the photo and the price paid. The florist (North Milan area) called me before delivery to check the time of delivery (I had indicated in the notes: afternoon delivery by 4pm and I was called at about 12pm). So: excellent service, in my experience excellent choice of local florists. Attached to the order confirmation email is a 10% discount voucher on the next order. Definitely to be recommended
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