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Privacy Policy
PRIVACY INFORMATION PURSUANT TO ART. 13 OF THE REG. USA 2016/679 (GDPR) Gruppo Internazionale TF srl, for the execution of contractual relationships, comes into possession of data acquired via e-commerce, by telephone, directly, through its associated network or third-party partners providing services, data classified as "personal" and "sensitive or particular data" by EU regulation no. 2016/679 (GDPR). This legislation provides that the person who carries out processing of personal and sensitive or particular data must inform the interested party of which the data and all the elements qualifying the processing which, in any case, must be processed are processed take place with correctness, precision and transparency, in complete protection of confidentiality and rights rights of interested parties. To this end and in compliance with the provisions of the art. 13 of the GDPR, we report the following information: REGULATION Gruppo Internazionale TF srl, registered and operational headquarters in the square Galimberti, 11 - 12100 Cuneo - in the figure of its owner here domiciled. REGULATION Gruppo Internazionale TF srl, registered and operational headquarters in the square Galimberti, 11 - 12100 Cuneo - in the figure of its owner here domiciled. HOLDER OF THE TREATIES Gruppo Internazionale TF srl processes personal data (surname, name, address, city, landline and/or mobile telephone number, email, data economic nature with the sole purpose of invoicing the object of the contract) as well as data deemed particular (text of the message in attached to the floral gift). PURPOSE OF TREATMENT | The data indicated above are processed for all contractual purposes are collected at the time of payment of the "floral gift", managed and archived for administrative and legal tax purposes. After the conclusion of the contract: - | personal data may be processed for commercial purposes only if this processing has been clearly authorized (example: sending e-mails, post, telephone text messages, newsletters, communications commercial nature and/or advertising on products and services offered by owner, telephone contacts for commercial purposes; send by email, post, telephone contacts or messages, communications of a commercial nature and/or promotional of third parties, directly or indirectly through the use of technical partners); - | particular data will be stored exclusively for the purposes relating to the contract. LEGAL BASIS OF THE PROCESSING, OBLIGATION OR RIGHT TO CONFER | DATA SUBJECT TO THE SERVICE AND CONSEQUENCES OF ANY REFUSAL Without prejudice to the user's right to authorize the Group Internazionale TF srl to process their data with the sole purpose of be able to fulfill the obligations established by laws, community regulations, regulations, provisions issued by authorities legitimized by law as well as by supervisory and control bodies, their failure provision by the user will make it impossible to establish or continue the relationship, to the extent that the aforementioned data is available necessary for its execution. You have full rights in at any time to withdraw your consent to the processing (acquired with the signing of the order contract pursuant to art. 6c.1 letter b of the GDPR), without prejudice to full admissibility under the norm or custom of the treatment provided before said revocation. PROCESSING METHODS AND TECHNOLOGIES USED IN CONTRACT MANAGEMENT The data processing occurs through the use of tools and suitable procedures to guarantee security and confidentiality: this it can be carried out using paper media or the use of tools electronic. Access to Gruppo Internazionale TF srl websites activates automatic information collection methods (cookies technicians) necessary for correct navigation, automatically deleted upon expiration or closing of the session. | Gruppo Internazionale TF srl sites do not have direct control of third-party cookies (for example Google, Facebook, support chat) and therefore it is not possible to control them or install them directly, nor delete them. The user can however manage these cookies through the browser settings. | personal data processed are managed for means of A computing medium in a system with remote hosts protected by suitable systems (security certificates, firewalls, backups, etc.). NAVIGATION DATA | systems and computer programs used for the correct operation of the site collect personal data whose transmission is implied in the use of internet communication protocols (e.g. IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by users who connect to the site, addresses, request times, method by which you connect to the server, code result number, parameters relating to the user's operating system). Although this is information that is not collected to be associated with identified interested parties, could, through processing and associations with data held by third parties, allow identification of users. This data is used in order to obtain statistical information (not associated with any user identification data) on the use of the site and check its normal operation. | data can be used to ascertain possible responsibilities in the event of crimes computer scientists to the detriment of the sites. Gruppo Internazionale TF srl does not use IT procedures automated decision-making, does not carry out profiling activities consequently it does not record or store and process data relating to habits, decision-making processes and purchasing preferences of their own customers, nor does it create profiles (individual and/or aggregated) with the aim of creating and proposing targeted offers. COMMUNICATION AND DIFFUSION | collected data will not be "disseminated", i.e. it will not be given knowledge to indeterminate subjects in any way, including through making them available or consulting them. | data can be “shared” to specific and identified subjects as follows: - appointed subjects operating within Gruppo Internazionale TF srl in the role of data controllers and data processors and/or system administrators; - subjects with the right to access the data pursuant to the provisions of law, regulation or community legislation, within the established limits by said rules; - subjects who need to access the data in question for the purposes of requires service for the purposes of the relationship in question that exists between user and Gruppo Internazionale TF srl, to the extent necessary to carry out the tasks and services entrusted to them (for example: tax consultants and work, credit institutions); - individuals with the role of consultants of Gruppo Internazionale TF srl, limited to the role undertaken, subject to necessary prior notice signing of constraints and obligations of confidentiality and security in data processing. FOR STORAGE OPERATION The owner processes personal data for the time necessary to fulfill the above purposes, in any case no later than 10 years from the execution of the contract for the purposes of the service and from the collection of consent for the marketing purposes. | particular data (messages attached to the floral gift) will be retained exclusively for purposes relating to the contract. USER RIGHTS According to the provisions of the GDPR, it is possible to exercise against of Gruppo Internazionale TF srl the following rights: - access to personal data (art. 15 of the GDPR) - to obtain the rectification or cancellation (oblivion) ??of the same or the limitation of the processing that concerns him (articles 16, 17 and 18 of the GDPR) - to oppose the processing (art. 21 of the GDPR) - data portability (art. 20 of the GDPR) - to revoke consent - to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority (privacy guarantor - MINORS Gruppo Internazionale TF srl does not provide its services to minors 16 and does not collect personal information relating to minors. In the case in cul information about minors was involuntarily recorded, the owner will delete them promptly, upon request of users. DATA SOURCE The Source of the data is the sender of the order or the person who it is normally indicated in the message attached to the gift floral. Gruppo Internazionale TF srl is not required to verify the presence of the signature, the identity of the sender nor has the obligation to collect data for orders received from the florists network associated nationwide. In case of anonymous message no responsibility can be attributed to Gruppo Internazionale TF srl which only delivers in compliance with a commitment contractual agreement assumed with the sender of the order. METHOD OF EXERCISE OF RIGHTS The interested party can exercise their rights at any time by sending request to MeZZo mailed to Gruppo Internazionale TF srl - Galimberti, 11- 12100 Cuneo or by email or by contacting the call center on O171-694004. The interested party will receive communication of the execution of your request and the exercise of the your right within 15 days from the date on which it was received. OWNER, MANAGER AND OFFICERS || the data controller is Gruppo Internazionale TF srl with registered office —jegale in Galimberti, 1] - 12100 Cuneo in the person of the lawyer APPOINTED - pro tempore representative domiciled here. The updated list of managers and those in charge of processing are kept at the headquarters legal representative of the data controller. Legal notices Faxiflora - Gruppo Internazionale TF srl - registered and operational headquarters in Cuneo, Galimberti, 11 - 12100 - Registered in the Cuneo Company Register under no. 162815 - VAT number/Cod. Tax 01124050046 - Share Capital Euro 180,000.00 fully paid. Established in 1990, it avails itself of the collaboration of staff regularly employed by it addictions. COPYRIGHT 2009-2024 Faxiflora - All rights reserved. The website is published property of Gruppo Internazionale TF srl, a company that manages and updates its contents.