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At sensitive times such as these, sending a funeral arrangement can be a way to express condolences and convey a message of affection to the family of the deceased
When a loved one passes away, it is not always easy to find the right words to show your closeness Send Flowers in the World





Bouquet verde
Green bouquet with mums and carnations STARTING FROM 37€
Nove rose rosse gambo medio lungo
9 red roses STARTING FROM 46€
Cinque rose bianche
5 white roses STARTING FROM 31€
Mazzo di lisianthus misti
Bouquet with multicoloured eustoma STARTING FROM 47€
Cesto di calle e rose gialle e lisianthus bianchi
Basket with calla lilies and roses STARTING FROM 68€
Mazzo di cymbidium rosa, lisianthus bianchi e santini verdi
Bouquet of pink Orchids branches STARTING FROM 61€
Mazzo rosa di lilium, lisianthus e roselline
Bouquet in pink shades STARTING FROM 58€
Bouquet di anthurium pistache ranuncoli bianchi e bacche verdi
Elegant bouquet with anthurium and ranunculus STARTING FROM 49€
Composizione funebre di lisianthus bianchi e lilium gialli
Funeral arrangement of mixed fresh flowers STARTING FROM 72€
Mazzo bianco di rose calle e lisianthus
Bouquet with white Calla lilies, roses, Eustoma STARTING FROM 51€
Composizione rose rosse rosa lisianthus rosa
Basket arrangement with red and pink roses STARTING FROM 89€
Composizione funebre di gerbere rosa e bordeaux
Basket arrangement of Pink and Red Gerberas STARTING FROM 59€
Cuore funebre di rosa rosa e viburno
Heart shaped arrangement of Pink Roses STARTING FROM 81€
Cuore con cymbidium rosa e santini verdi
Heart arrangement of Orchids and Mums STARTING FROM 97€
Corona di rose arancio lilium gialli calle bianche
Funeral wreath of Orange and Yellow Flowers STARTING FROM 229€
Cuscinetto di rose rosse e santini verdi
Funeral cushion of Red Roses STARTING FROM 119€
Composizione lilium rosa anthurium pistache rose bianche
Lilies and roses arrangement STARTING FROM 87€
Pianta di Phalenopsis bianca
White Phalenopsis orchid plant with 3 branches STARTING FROM 51€
Pianta di Spathiphyllum
Spathiphyllum plant STARTING FROM 31€
Coroncina con brassica e tulipani
Funeral garland Roses and Purple Flowers STARTING FROM 114€
Bouquet gigli bianchi rose rosse
Red roses and white lilies bouquet STARTING FROM 47€
Pianta di Anthurium rosso in vaso bianco
Anthurium Plant STARTING FROM 43€
Croce funebre di fiori misti arancio viola gialla
Funeral cross of mixed fresh flowers STARTING FROM 129€
Bouquet di fiori bianchi con rose ranuncoli freesie
Refined bouquet of White Flowers STARTING FROM 44€
Bouquet rosellie rosa santini verdi bianchi statice viola
Delicate bouquet in pink and green shades STARTING FROM 32€
Bouquet con ortensia garofani tulipani eryngium
Glamorous bouquet vibrant shades STARTING FROM 39€

condoglianze Choose from our offerings: bouquets, pillows, wreaths, crosses and funeral arrangements Send flowers to home, hospital or church!
Remember that you can enclose a sober card with words of closeness or a funeral ribbon
On these occasions, the most commonly used flowers are roses, anthuriums, and lisianthus, flowers that are linked to the memory of loved ones but also represent hope for overcoming times of grief.
Other flowers that express closeness are lilies and dendrobiums
In general, we recommend favoring arrangements in shades of white if it is a young death, or flowers in pastel shades in the case of a woman, or red, orange, and green flowers if it is the death of a man